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First Velvia

Graduate school is a great time to have gear repaired. While my Nikon D3 was in the "shop" for a deep cleaning, I cracked open my father-in-law's old Nikon F4 for my very first shoot on film. The entire experience was marked by firsts.

First time loading film into a camera since my tricked out Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles point-and-shoot of 1990.

First time hoping each frame was perfect due solely to the cost associated with a missed exposure.

First time a passerby was stumped by the camera I had propped up on a sturdy tripod.

"What are you shooting," a passerby asked. Normally I say Nikon and the passerby would ask the model and pepper me with photo related comments. Yay. This time however, I responded with, "Nikon F4." The look of puzzlement on the questioner was priceless. Then again, a camera manufactured in March 1989 can have that effect.


Ago vita vos somnium (live the life you dream)

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